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Welcome, you all to this new free earning site. All the stuff which have been put there is for free and will let you earn money. So get started now. Get paid to read mails its free so click on the bottom banners to get started.


What is Neobux? NeoBux is a free worldwide service available in both English and Portuguese language. Our service consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement in our site and users to earn money by viewing those advertisements. Our users click on the advertiser's advertisement and view it during  the amount of time specified by the advertiser. After viewing the ad, the user gets credited with a pre-determined amount of cash on their NeoBux account. Click Here to register with neobux How much do i earn?
Standard Membership
Per click:  $0.010 (standard exposure) · $0.015 (extended exposure)
Golden Membership
Per click:  $0.010 (standard exposure) · $0.020 (extended exposure)
Minimum Payout:
The minimum payout amount is set at $2.00 (two US dollars) for your first payout request, $3.00 (three US dollars) for the second, $4.00 (four US dollars) for the third and so on until $10.00 (ten US dollars). This means that when you reach or go beyond this limit, you can request your earned money.
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 Amount of time for payment processing:
After you request your payment, you'll receive it instantly in your chosen payment processor account unless some kind of technical difficulty is encountered during the process.
Strategies to Earn:

Zero Investment Strategy

  1. Register and create and account.
  2. Click all of your ads everyday and every once in a while there will be extra ads for you to click.
  3. Earn $2-$3 through clicking your ads everyday.
  4. Transfer the money from your main balance to your rental balance.
  5. Rent 3 referrals.
  6. Turn on AutoPay on your Rented Referrals page.
  7. Maintain your referrals and recycle the ones that have an average below 2 or haven't clicked in 2-3 days.
  8. Buy more referrals when you can(This is every 7 days as a standard member).
  9. Do NOT cash out any of the money that you gain in your main balance as this is used for buying more referrals and maintaining them.
  10. Once you reach 500 referrals, stop renting anymore referrals and just maintain the ones that you have. That means recycle the bad clickers and keep an average of 2 at least.
  11. Build up your money to about $100 and then upgrade to Golden.
  12. Once you get Golden membership, keep renting more referrals and maintaining them. Once you hit 1250 referrals, you can stop renting referrals and just maintain them and start to cash out your money.
As a Standard member, you have to keep an average of 2 in order to make a profit. As a Golden member, you have to keep an average of 1 in order to make a profit. Click Here to join

Investment Strategy

  1. Register and create an account.
  2. Click all of your ads everyday and every once in a while there will be extra ads for you to click.
  3. Rent 100 referrals, this will cost you $25.
  4. Meet the minimum standards so you can upgrade to Golden(Rent at least twice/50 clicks credited/Be a member at least 15 days).
  5. Before you go golden, you should have rented another 100 referrals for $25 and that puts you at 200 referrals and you should be golden soon.
  6. Buy golden for $90.
  7. Keep renting 100 pack referrals and clicking.
  8. Be sure that you maintain an average of 1 in order to make profit.
  9. Once you reach 100 clicks credited, pay $890 to upgrade to Ultimate.
  10. Buy 300 packs of rented referrals and keep doing this until you reach 4000 referrals.
  11. Be sure to maintain your referrals and keep AutoPay on. If you do not have AutoPay on, extend your referrals for 90 days which will give you a 20% discount.
  12. Slowly cash out your money every week and you should get your investment back in around 3 months.
  13. After that, everything is pure profit for you and an Ultimate with 4000 referrals can make over $500/month profit.
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Tips on how to Profit Wisely


  • Try to maintain an average of 1, any average over 1 means profit for you that day.
  • Patience is key.
  • Recycle referrals who have not clicked in 4 days.
  • Never recycle a Golden referral(You can tell this if they have a constant 9+ clicks/day and have a high average).
  • Don't forget to click everyday, otherwise you will not be credited for your referral clicks the next day.
  • If a referral goes below 20 days left, renew them for 30 more days so that they can be paid through AutoPay, thus giving you the 10% discount.
  • When you have a good amount of referrals, 1250 for Golden and 4000+ for Ultimate, you can slowly cash out the money.
  • There are also plenty of other people's strategies on the NeoBux forums. You can take a look at it since those people have been very successful using those strategies. You just have to find one that works out for you.
           With proper account management and activity, you can end up earning lots of money. Just remember that it takes time, so be patient. This is not a get rich fast website, but it will help you earn money in the long run. Using above strategies myself, i am earning $200 per month. If you still don't believe, below i have given my payment proof: My Payment Proof: Proof 1: Picture

Proof 2: Picture Proof 3:
So don't get left behind alone, start earning today....
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